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     What is a Seller's Agent

A Seller's Agent is an agent that must always act in the best interest of the seller only. The Seller Agent's loyalties are with the seller. It is that agent's duties to share with the seller all information about potential buyers that may assist the seller in making decisions regarding the transaction. A Seller's Agent negotiates the best possible price and terms for the seller and represents the seller's best interest throughout the transaction.

What separates Seller's Agents is how they will market and facilitate the sale of your home. Most Seller's Agents will belong to a Multiple Listing Service which will allow that agent to list your home so that other agents not only have access to the information but also will be able to show it to potential buyers. That Multiple Listing Service may feed into one or more websites to offer additional low cost marketing to the general public. The agency that your Seller's Agent works for will most likely have print advertising that they will cycle your listing through on a rotational basis and also post your home on their office website. This is where the separation between an average Seller's Agent and a succesful Seller's Agent will begin.

A productive and successful Seller's Agent will have a wealth of innovative and tech savvy marketing tools that will find it's way to the buyers best suited for your home. This will include extensive print advertising that will dwarf the basic company ad that most agents rely on accompanied by a wide array of internet marketing implements. More than 87% of home buyers now start their home search on the internet and spend a total average of 55 hours. As more and more buyers are using online tools to search for homes, sellers need an agent that will use these resources to market their listings. Ithaca is and always has been a community with consistent real estate turnover. Many of the buyers  are spread throughout the world and are searching for their next home in Ithaca online. Some will even purchase sight unseen. This makes it more critical that your home is not only marketed online but also easily found during searches.

      As your Seller's Agent what will I do for you?

Market Analysis
The first step of the process. What is value of your home ? The evaluation of real estate is based on past sales in your marketplace. In the ideal world this will focus on similiar homes in your neighborhood that have just recently sold. In the real world, no two homes are alike ! Each home that has sold in your neighborhood or a comparable neighborhood will need to reviewed and determined as to how it will compare to your home. Every aspect of these homes and your home will be taken into consideration. Size, condition, updates, upgrades, layout, character, viewshed, proximity to conveniences, schools, land and so on. It is an endless list of details. Many of these homes have been bought and sold numerous times over the past 20 years and there is a good chance that I have seen it and how it has transformed. After visiting your home and completing a thorough inspection I will review the the market data and provide you with detailed report as to market value of your home. If you are an out of town seller I also offer electronic reports.

Marketing Plan
Put a sign in the front yard, take a few pictures, submit the listing to the MLS, run a couple ads and cross my fingers... Sound familiar ? Sure, those are some basics which will be done but that is the tip of the marketing plan that I will put into place for you. Since all homes are unique they may require different strategies. Effective marketing is the key to selling your home.  The marketing plan should be designed to target those buyers most likely to want your home. Upon completion of the market analysis I will also provide you with a seller's proceeds estimate and a marketing plan that would be implemented for your home. I will show you where and how your home will be extensively marketed in both print and online and how often. Combine that with the support and tools of nationally recognized Coldwell Banker Real Estate and my 20+ years of experience and local networking and you will be able to sit back and relax knowing that your home sale is now in the hands of a professional.

Negotiation Skills
The terms of a sale can make or break a contract. Purchase offer negotiations and contracts can be intimidating in their complexity. Unless you are buying and selling multiple homes per year most people have little to no experience in negotiating a purchase offer. My goals include is to get you the best terms and price possible, to protect you from giving up what you don't have to and to poperly position you in every part of the transaction. As an experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional that is simply part of my job.

Facilitation of the Sale
Once we have secured a buyer and negotiated the best terms and conditions it is time to switch gears and move the sale to a successful close. Unfortunately, the reality is that more than not there will be some hurdles to clear on the way to closing. You would think that with 23 years of experience I would have seem them all. Not true. Beyond the paperwork, phone calls, answering questions, arranging meetings and appointments, providing knowlegeable guidance and many other critical activities of a home sale there is the unknown. Having an experienced professional at your side is essential in order to meet the requirements and deadlines of your your home sale will close trouble free! 

   Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home ?

You should know exactly what it is worth before making such an important decision ! Let me provide you a free, no obligation market analysis on your home

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          Preparing Your House To Sell ?

A "well polished" home will be more appealing to buyers and will help you sell faster and for a higher price. Buyers are more comfortable purchasing  a well maintained home and feel that what they cannot see in your home is most likely also well maintained. For tips on enhancing the curb appeal of the exterior and appearance of the interior view this Coldwell Banker Home Enhacement Guide

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